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Was There a JRM Sighting Last Night?

Gertie July 18, 2018 Celebrities

Red alert! The word is out and the telephone tree is in full gear. Jonathan Rhys Myers fans are exchanging excited phone calls, particularly those within a one mile radius of a recent sighting. Rumor has it that the actor was visiting a hot new club, and, of course, we all want to find out if it is true. Should we go individually and alone, so as not to be noticed, or en masse as a wild fan group? That would perhaps get his attention. Many times when celebrities are in the midst of mere mortals, they act like normal people and keep to themselves. We want better than this from our idol. We want him to speak to us! We want to take selfies with him! It would be a rare opportunity to be sure.

I have traveled to various filming locations over the years (just a few as my budget permits), hoping to catch a glimpse of him, preferably in action. The best I could do was spot him at a movie premiere in Hollywood on the “red carpet.” I was so excited that I celebrated in a nearest watering hole, the Pig ‘N Whistle, right there on the boulevard near the cinema. It is known to attract the “in” crowd. I wanted to catch my breath and look at the phone camera pix I had taken. Most were too far away or blurry, but it was a feat nonetheless to be within shooting range.

I stayed for a few drinks just to be in the same vicinity as John. Here’s the thing. The place was filled with smoke and I walked out with my clothes smelling like a stale cigarette butt. How was I going to get rid of the smell? I had to wear the clothes the next day, hoping to sneak in a TV studio down the block where a post-premiere interview was going to take place. They would never let me in like this. All the stores were closed, there was no dry cleaner in sight, and his next appearance in town was at 9:00am. He would be long gone in another hour. I wracked my brain. Fortunately, a liquor and sundries store was open on the other side of the street. I scoured the place, but the only helpful item was a scented candle. This would have to do, I said hopefully. I would lay out my clothes on the bed near the candle so it would absorb the lemon scent. It worked. If you are in a pinch about telltale cigarette odor, this is the fastest solution.

No, I didn’t get anywhere near the interview! But I still went home happy.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Biography

Gertie July 14, 2018 Celebrities

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is an Irish actor who has appeared in nearly 44 films and 9 Television shows which nominated him for 19 various prestigious awards.

However, that’s not what made him a favourite of me. But I will come down to that later. Let’s take a look first at what Johny, the Irish actor has achieved and then how he has won the hearts of millions of his fans.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers whose birth name is Jonathan Michael Francis O’Keeffe was born on 27 July 1977. Jonathan was born to Geraldine and folk musician John O’Keeffe. He was born at Dublin, Ireland and brought up in County Cork. His family belongs to Roman Catholic, and he had three brothers who were musicians like his father.

About His Schooling

His schooling was done at North Monastery Christian Brothers School. Later Jonathan expelled from north Monastery. He is a resident of London, England, U.K, Hollywood Hills, California, the U.S. In 2007 his mother Geraldine died at the age of 51 due to several health problems at Mercy University Hospital. Read the article completely to know more about Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

About his Personal Life

Jonathan Rhys Meyers had been in a relationship with Reena Hammer for almost eight years that is from 2004 to 2012. Reena Hammer was the daughter of Ruby Hammer who was famous makeup artist owning cosmetics brand Ruby & Mille having the turnover of 5 million per year.

Coming to father of Reena Hammer his name is George Hammer who was a businessman, and he owns Harrod’s luxury spa UK distributor. It was stated by different sources that Reena was the reason for Jonathan going for alcohol treatment program.

Due to several issues, Jonathan and Reene broke up in 2012. At that point of time, the reason did remain unclear though; later, it was stated by Reena that she was happy after the breakup. Reena in an interview out spoke that out of jealousy and anger they had broken apart.

Since then, Jonathan Rhys Meyers has been in a relationship with Mara Lane. Mara was an actress as well as a film producer in the film industry. Before that, she is into teaching.

In 2013 Meyers and Mara met in a party and immediately they have fallen for each other. In 2014 Mara and Meyers got engaged, and both had married in 2016. They had a son whose name is Wolf Rhys Meyers. Meyers said that in 2017 Mara miscarried the second child. The couple was living in Ireland along with his son.

About His Alcohol Addiction

Everyone has their own flaws. Johny has his too – and it was his alcohol addiction. However, what I really loved about all of it was that he remained transparent about it and actually decided to fight the addiction, rather than do nothing about it and pretend it’s going to be all right.

It was stated by Jonathan representative that, Meyers had received the alcohol treatment in 2007, 2010, 2011 and 2017. Due to his alcohol addiction in 2010, he got an order to pay €1000 from French court and also sentenced for suspension of public intoxication. In 2017 he came across an issue where he had been ejected from Dublin airport because of his alcohol addiction.

Meyers in spite of what you could say having a somewhat turbulent personal life, has been one of the finest actors you can ever come across. And he has been able to brush things up beside him whenever things didn’t go his way.

It’s his versatility that really makes him the king. He can act just about anywhere and in any role. It’s what makes him special for me, and one that I would look up to always.

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