About Me


I am Gertie, and welcome to my blog where we discuss everything about actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I am sure everyone has their favorites when it comes to an actor – mine is none other than the Irish actor who has acted in some of the most sought after films of the century, whether it be the recent film Stonewall, or the drama Tudors, which got quite popular during the latter part of 2000’s.

However, what I love about him is his grit and his determined personality, apart from acting skills that are sure to blow anyone away. I mean, he is one of those few actors who has been everywhere and done everything – whether it be a voice over during the Elvis mini-series, as a television actor for the television series Dracula or as one of the finest actors in many of the movies he has done.

This blog is all about him, and you can find all that you wanted to know about Meyers.

I do hope you enjoy reading it!