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Top 7 Irish Actors of All Time

Ireland is one of the hotspots of talent and creativity. They celebrate art and culture, and it is entirely blended with them. If you are looking for a list of top Irish Actors, then you have landed on the right web page. In this article, we are going to talk about the best performer of […]

This. Is. Not. Happening!

If you are a fan, you have a fansite. I do. And then there is my blog. If you are deep into your object of admiration, you have memorabilia galore. I do. I have amassed a collection of stuff on Jonathan Rhys Myers over the years. Ever since I first noticed him. I have boxes […]

Jousting on “The Tudors”

You can tell from the title of my blog who my favorite actor is. There is nothing about Jonathan Rhys Meyers I don’t want to know. I am sure everyone has their top picks when it comes to this profession – mine is none other than the Irish actor who has been featured in some […]

Was There a JRM Sighting Last Night?

Red alert! The word is out and the telephone tree is in full gear. Jonathan Rhys Myers fans are exchanging excited phone calls, particularly those within a one mile radius of a recent sighting. Rumor has it that the actor was visiting a hot new club, and, of course, we all want to find out […]

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Biography

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is an Irish actor who has appeared in nearly 44 films and 9 Television shows which nominated him for 19 various prestigious awards. However, that’s not what made him a favourite of me. But I will come down to that later. Let’s take a look first at what Johny, the Irish actor […]

A modern Dracula: Meyers Works his Charm Once Again

Jonathan Rhys Meyers had played the role of Alexander Grayson in the television horror drama series DRACULA. Dracula television series is a 10 episode drama based on the novel Dracula written by Bram Stokers. Shooting for this series was done in Hungary. Jessica De Gouw played the main characters in this film as Mina Murray, […]

Johny As Elvis: As Good as One Can Get!

Now, there are plenty of reasons to love Johny’s acting – however, while I do love many of his movies, there is one TV series that will stay etched in my mind forever – the Elvis Mini-series. It has Johny portraying some of the finest moments on television that I have seen, which has made […]

My favourite performances

I love Jonathan Rhys Meyers performance in his television film ‘Elvis’ which was released in the year 2005 where the storyline of the movie goes like the chronicle of the life of Elvis Presley from his childhood to his struggling career till he got stardom internationally. Jonathan Rhys Meyers gave the best performance in his […]

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Filmography

After expulsion from the North Monastery, Jonathan was busy working around pool halls. While he was in the pool hall casting agents spotted him and asked him to come for auditions. Actually, agents were looking for Irish boys for “War of the buttons” although it passed from him agents have encouraged for his acting career. […]