CelebritiesJohny As Elvis: As Good as One Can Get!

Johny As Elvis: As Good as One Can Get!

Now, there are plenty of reasons to love Johny’s acting – however, while I do love many of his movies, there is one TV series that will stay etched in my mind forever – the Elvis Mini-series. It has Johny portraying some of the finest moments on television that I have seen, which has made me one of his fans for a long time.

I remember just turning on the series randomly during a lazy weekend, and I couldn’t put it back till I finished it. And it isn’t just because of the storyline, it was because of his voice – who would have thought that Elvis could have sounded so amazing?!

I do like being in the character – remember Barney from How I Met Your Mother? Neil Patrick did pull off some of the greatest dialogues, all with his subtlety and being into the character. The same goes here for Meyers – he pulled off something spectacular in the series, something you don’t normally see in a series like this.

What’s Special About It?

In the Elvis mini series, which was played during 2005, Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays the role of Elvis Presley who is a great singer who has crossed many struggles and hardships to build his stardom internationally. Jonathan Rhys Meyers took Elvis role as a challenge and have done a lot of work behind the scenes to match Elvis personality and attitude.

He did not face any problem in dubbing his voice for songs because the television series was the first one to get permission to use Elvis’s own master recordings. The series has used the master recordings which made the series more successful. It is an Elvis portrayal that made the series buzzing amongst the people.

Jonathon becomes the rock icon by playing the role of Elvis. He himself told that his own life has so many similarities with Elvis life. Jonathan is 21 days when Elvis died in 1977. Jonathan has researched about Elvis by watching his shows, his documentaries and various tv shows which Elvis made during his earlier days of career. Jonathan watched at every interview that is available to him and keenly observed Elvis so that he can portray his role properly.

Jonathan was mostly inspired by Elvis lip and hip sync. He praised Elvis for his achievements and popularity. Jonathan says that he himself has gone through the same difficulties that Elvis has gone through which has helped him in playing his role. Elvis is a poor boy who felt very uncomfortable at school and is very shy and is a daydreamer, Jonathan says that even he has these qualities which made him imbibe in Elvis character.

These similarities clearly explain Jonathan’s performance in Lewis’s character. He showcases the sweetness and sex appeal of Elvis’s personality.

Elvis film series is a four-hour series wherein Jonathan completely succeeded in showing the early struggles of Elvis and his transformation through constant battles in the early life of career between insecurity and his ambition and also his relationships with key people of his life.

The key people of Elvis life includes his father Vernon, mother Gladys, his manager and his love of life Priscilla. Elvis series included Elvis life from where he took a job as a truck driver to his later recordings and concerts and finally in till he got stardom and his entry into the army.

During eight weeks of filming Jonathan stayed in character and went on listening to Elvis’s songs in his iPod before any Scene and wearing Elvis favourite aftershave in between scenes.

Jonathan has got many appreciations from people around for his performance as Elvis. He says that though there were many fans of Elvis who knows completely about Elvis but only he knows what it is like to be Elvis- though really, he was in that character for a short period.

And I sure do agree with him – he got into the character, and that’s what made this so special for all us viewers.

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