CelebritiesThis. Is. Not. Happening!

This. Is. Not. Happening!

If you are a fan, you have a fansite. I do. And then there is my blog. If you are deep into your object of admiration, you have memorabilia galore. I do. I have amassed a collection of stuff on Jonathan Rhys Myers over the years. Ever since I first noticed him. I have boxes devoted to TV and others to movies. I have original photos, unfortunately not taken by me; and many are autographed. This is the basis of any true fan collection. Then you jump up to articles of clothing and personal objects. Those you obtain from other fans and people who know the actor. They aren’t easy to find and can be costly if rare.  It has been fun for the duration of his career, and no doubt it will grow.

I say this with some sorrow in my heart because this wonderful, loving collection has recently taken a hit. It wasn’t lost or stolen. Much of it was the victim of a flood in the storage area of my apartment building caused by a busted water heater. How mundane. I wish it has been tankless. Isn’t just like my landlord to put off modernization for so long? The standing water caused by the water heater leak spread to my storage compartment which is near the floor. Some items were damaged, including a prized script from The Tudors. These don’t pop up for sale very often. It is now a bit waterlogged and stained. Even dried out, the paper has wrinkled and curled. Some of it remains, but not in good condition. Nevertheless, it stays in the collection. A few photos I had to toss. I guess there is always more of those out there. I will have to contact my sources. I make trades and purchases with other fans, although getting them to part with something good is like prying a lock off a prison door.

I gave the landlord a piece of mind and didn’t appreciate my scorn. He could care less about memorabilia on Jonathan Rhys Myers. Showing him the damage had no impact. “It’s just a bunch of paper,” he mocked. The only movie he knew about was Bend It Like Beckham. Philistine! He did not offer to pay for anything since as he put it, “These things happen.” Never again, I thought, as I planned how to exit my lease.

I tried to make him feel guilty and mentioned his stellar role as Elvis Presley. Ok, maybe it wasn’t his best. But he got the point and finally gave in and offered a discount on the next month’s rent. Not enough, but it was a decent gesture.

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